The functioning of this product(s) is also dependent on personal facts and situations, as well as the correct application tuned into the individual situations of the consumer.

User experiences

This website publishes user experiences (testimonials) with the experiences of individual users who have applied Obesiguard successfully and/or are enthusiastic about Obesigard. We do not claim that these user experiences (testimonials) are typical results gained by our consumers in general. These user experiences (testimonials) are not representative for all users and only provide information about the experience of the individual. They only reflect experiences from the lives of consumers who have used Obesigard. The results from the testimonials (weight, body fat percentage and circumference etc.) were provided by the user of the testimonials and cannot be confirmed. The facts and circumstances of the own results can vary from the situations in which the results from the testimonials were gained.


Klemans Group BV is not responsible for the opinions expressed in the user experiences (testimonials) about Obesigard. The intention and goal of this website is to inform consumers and clients about Obesigard. We are not responsible for mistakes or omissions of information in the provided user experiences (testimonials) of other parties. It is possible that you will not gain the results that are prescribed in the user experiences (testimonials). Again; they are meant as a showcase for the best results which users of Obesigard can gain, and should not be constructed as typical results of the use.


All user experiences on this website are authentic and accurate. The user experiences have only been adjusted for spelling and grammar. They may also be shortened or edited for greater clarity, when they have proven to be too long. Data might also have been removed, if it was not relevant for our consumers and clients.

No-one was paid our in any other way prejudiced to share their user experience on our website. They were freely delivered by individuals which have used our product(s). They have offered their honest opinion to us; these testimonials have not been acquitted by us. The providers of the testimonials have not in any way benefited in providing the testimonials; not at the moment of delivery, and not in the future.

On request, no email addresses were provided in the original user experiences (testimonials) on this website. Do you want to contact the author of a specific user experience (testimonial)? Send us a request through email containing your questions regarding te specific testimonials. We will forward your email if the author agrees.