Spanish Fly Aphrodisiac

Stimulates the sense of lust

Devils Candy Spanish Fly is a popular aphrodisiac that gives great sexual potency as a love potion. Devils Candy Spanish Fly is only for naughty men and women who want to get a little more naughty.

The effects of Spanish Fly Aphrodisiac

During experiments it has been discovered that pollen stimulates the production of the aphrodisiac hormone. Pollen is roughly the vegetable equivalent of semen, derived from the stamens of flowers. This explains the craving that arises when the correct pollen ratio is taken. Not the mind but the human body responds by yearning for procreation.

Spanish Fly Aphrodisiac

Ingredients per 3.3 ml

Pine pollen tincture complex1.46 ml
Pine pollen tincture0.23 ml
Cupressus sempervirens tincture1.1 ml
Serenoa repens (sabal) tincture0.53 ml

Excipients: Alcohol (Ethanol) (58%), Spring water (30%), Seawater plasma (0.22%), Water (5.27%).

Spanish Fly Aphrodisiac

Recommended use

Before swallowing, take 1 to 3 teaspoons under the tongue, 30 minutes before the activity starts. Do not use more than 3 teaspoons per 24 hours.

Food supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Keep food supplements out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

A bottle contains 10 milliliters of liquid.

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