Sperm Flood Sperm Pills

Shoot a large load of sperm

Devils Candy Sperm Flood is a tablet cure that stimulates the production of sperm cells and their mobility. Men who take Sperm Flood regularly notice an increased sperm production and also a faster recovery after each discharge. Sperm Flood can be used for a long time by men who want to produce strong rays in large waves with every discharge.

Semen consists of approximately 5% sperm cells and 95% fluid. The volume of the ejaculation is mainly determined by the sperm moisture. Sperm Flood only stimulates the production of sperm moisture if you drink enough. It is therefore very important that you drink enough daily to keep your moisture levels up.

The effects of Sperm Flood Sperm Pills

Within a few days the ingredients will work in your body and prove their positive influence. Long without ejaculation does not have a good effect on the quality of sperm. Too often isn't good either. Optimal is once every two to three days.

Sperm Flood Sperm Pills

Ingredients per 2 tablets

Maca Extract PE 5:1100 mg
Guarana Extract100 mg
Kola Nut Extract100 mg
Muira Puama PE 4:1100 mg
L-Taurine50 mg
Zinc Monomethionine 18% Zn83,4 mg100% RI
Ginkgo Biloba40 mg
L-Arginine20 mg
Vitamin B318 mg100% RI
E132, E341, E460, E464, E551, E570, E572

RI = Reference Intake

Sperm Flood Sperm Pills

Recommended use

Take 1 tablet 2 times per day with sufficient water. The best effect is on a stomach that is not too full. Do not exceed this daily dose.

Food supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Keep food supplements out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Pot with 60 tablets.

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